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Palletizing systems

A palletizer, also known as a palletiser, is an automated machine designed to stack cases of goods or products onto a pallet efficiently. The manual process of placing boxes on pallets is not only time-intensive and costly but can also lead to undue physical strain on workers. Consequently, various types of palletizers have been developed to address these issues.

De-palletizing systems

Pallet transport

The function of pallet transport systems is to provide a continuous flow of materials, and is a compatible interface with any type of material handling equipment and manual operations. Consequently, all pallet transport systems produced by Goldpack are in compliance with other packaging system solutions developed by our company. All of the products are durable and long lasting as well as operate on low cost, due to high-quality materials they are built from. In Goldpack we are not only offering you standard pallet transport systems, but also tailor made conveyor systems solutions.