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Robot Palletizer

The RoboPAL robot palletizer, a specialized palletizing robot, is engineered for stacking items such as bottles, cans, and packages onto pallets. This robotic palletizing process is based on a layered approach, utilizing custom-designed grippers for each unique application. The design of this palletizing machine is tailored to specific payload needs (up to 500 kg) and the desired speed of operation, accommodating a broad array of palletizing requirements.


Featuring a 360° work envelope, the palletizing robot RoboPAL can service multiple in-feed conveyors and/or pallet stations.

Its fast axial speeds reduce cycle times and increase production output.

PC-based, off-line programming software is available as an option to simplify the programming of palletizing applications.

Applications with RoboPAL palletizing robots are ideal for the palletization of different products coming from multiple pallet places. Compact solution for optimum space use. Robot grippers are most important part of the palletizing system. Goldpack carefully designs and produces own robot gripper according to the project specifications of the costumer. Basic grippers are designed for carton boxes, packages, trays, bags, barrels, intermediate carton layers, pallets and combinations of the mentioned products.

Dynamic acceleration is based on payload, so cycle time is reduced.

Robo-pal controller standard is equipped with network options for easy connection with an information infrastructure.