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Palletizer PAL 1100-X

The PAL1100X palletizer, featuring a low entry design, is adept at stacking packets, trays, and bags onto pallets. It boasts the capability to handle up to 800 packages per hour. This machine employs a layered palletizing technique, facilitated by an advanced folding plate system. Importantly, it’s managed through a PLC control system, providing high flexibility (including the ability to save various configurations), reliability, and ease of operation, servicing, and maintenance.


Products come over conveyor onto the palletizing table, which arranges them according to program that depends on desired configuration of products on the pallet. When the sufficient number of products on the table is reached, the pusher pushes them onto intermediate plate and further onto the double plate. In the meantime, next layer is being prepared on the intermediate plate. Firstly, the pallet is launched out of the empty pallet storage (option) and stops on the palletising station and the pushing plate pushes products onto the pallet. After the last layer of products has been discarded onto the pallet, the full pallet (under condition that the next empty pallet is ready) is conveyed towards the exit of palletizer.


Palletizer PAL 1100X is a basic palletizer with motorised entry line and pusher for formed lines. Whole layer is pushed onto the pallet with transportation plate. Moreover, palletizer enables programmed product turning in front of palletizing station. Also, this machine has a completely installed and wired electric cabinet with PLC and control board. Nevertheless, we must not forget to mention a display for error description and diagnostic.


Special maintenance is not required. Although, according to enclosed documentation preventive check out has to be performed once a year and on this occasion eventual defects that occurred in the period from last check out have to be found out. Furthermore, regular monthly maintenance comprises only visual examination of the palletizer and lubrication of guidance and chains and, of course, maintaining machine in clean condition.