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Palletizing systems


RoboPAL is engineered for palletizing a variety of items, including bottles, cans, and packages, directly from pallets. This robotic palletizing operates on a layer-based system, utilizing custom-designed grippers tailored for each specific application. The design of this palletizing machine varies based on payload capacity (up to 500 kg) and application speed, ensuring it meets a broad spectrum of palletizing needs.


The low-entry palletizer is crafted for stacking packets, trays, and bags onto pallets. Capable of handling up to 800 packages per hour, it operates on a layer-based system, utilizing a folding plate mechanism. Notably, this machine is managed by PLC, enhancing its flexibility (with storage options for various configurations), reliability, and simplicity in operation, servicing, and maintenance.


The fully automatic, high-entry palletizer is tailored for high-capacity needs, specifically engineered for stacking bags, packages, cases, or trays. It employs a layer-based palletizing process aided by a sophisticated folding plate system. This palletiser’s PLC control system guarantees exceptional flexibility (including the ability to store various configurations), reliability, and ease of operation, service, and maintenance.


The palletizer is designed for speed, simplicity, and efficiency. It accommodates pallet sizes of 800x1200mm, 1000x1200mm, and 800x1000mm. Furthermore, it can handle a maximum standard load of up to 2000kg, with the option to increase this capacity based on client requirements. Equipped with a control PLC system, the palletizer ensures user-friendly operation for all employees.