Compact is a automatic stretch wrapping machine with peak production speed of 50 loads per hour. Wrap arm diameter of this automatic stretch wrapping machine is 1860mm, in addition, wrap arm speed is variable. Compact is made from stainless steel, thus its life span is long. Additionally, automatic stretch wrapping machine come with pallet conveyor and top plate.


Stretch wrapping machine with rotating arm OP 161TWIST X is designed especially for loads that are lightweight, tall and unstable or too heavy to rotate using a turntable system. Stretch wrapping machine with rotating arm represents the ideal solution for environments with liquid spillage, corrosive products and where equipment washdown is performed.


Latest generation highly efficient automatic stretch wrapping machine AOP 161 Integra with rotating arm developed for most demanding costumers and capacity up to 80 loads per hour. Stretch wrapping machine AOP 161 Integra is equipped with automatic system for film capturing and cutting. System operation supervision on control cabinet with “Touch screen” display with system for error indication. Designed for 24 hour a day operation.


Horizontal wrapper is the latest generation of highly productive wrappers. It is used for wrapping long objects. This wrapper is equipped with an automatic adhesion system that provides a firm and secure grip on the end of the foil. Also, the touch screen allows easy and quick machine management.