Automated packaging systems – why you should think about investing?

Regardless of whether it is a larger, well-established company or a smaller developing company – you are probably thinking about how to improve the packaging processes of your product to make it smooth, efficient, and safe.

The advantages of automated packaging systems are many. Some are clearly visible, others may be a bit more hidden, but nonetheless very important.

Automation packaging systems – what does that actually mean?

Packaging products with automation packaging systems can mean many different things to different people. The interpretation of automated packaging systems depends on each individual and the industry in which that individual works. For some, it may mean the packaging of food into containers, or liquids into bottles; whereas, for others, it may mean the binding together and wrapping of large sheets of material.

Since there are many different products in the world, the packaging systems are also very different from each other and we will find many different types of palletizing equipment when searching for our perfect fit. That is why the packaging machine manufacturers must know how to adapt to the customer’s needs and design the packaging line in such a way as to ensure efficient packaging of the customer’s product.


Let’s look at some of the obvious benefits of automated packaging equipment

Reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury

Repetitive strain injury risks are significantly lowered when products are packed automatically rather than manually. The reason, of course, can be found in the fact that the human input can be removed to a large extent during the work with automated packaging systems.

Potential bottlenecks? Eliminated.

If we pack the products manually, we can relatively quickly encounter a bottleneck in the packaging process, which prevents us from packing the desired number of products in the desired time.

Automation packaging systems, such as pallet lifting equipment or palletizing line, can help to eliminate this bottleneck. Of course, automatic packaging systems also offer much fewer opportunities for errors that can occur during work and increase the packaging time or contribute to damage.

Improved production speed

With automated packaging equipment, we can also very effectively increase the speed of the entire production. With the manual packing process, this cannot take place as quickly as with the help of automated packaging systems.

Eliminate downtime

As in other areas of work, also in case of manual packaging, the staff deserves a break. With the help of automated packaging equipment, this will no longer be necessary because the machines are designed so that they can pack products 24/7.

Other benefits of automation packaging systems may not be as obvious, but they are no less important. Among them we can find, for example:

Increased staff morale

The staff in the packaging process often work as part of an unfriendly working day, which is accompanied by long working hours, standing work behind the conveyor belt, and all of this quickly results in the employees’ lack of motivation.

When staff is tired and bored, they are naturally less productive. In addition, in this case, we can relatively quickly begin to notice work errors that lead to reduced productivity of the company, moreover, they can also lead to damage to the product being packed or even injuries to employees.

Increased sales due to reduced product cost

Whilst there is the initial need for capital outlay when introducing an automated packaging system to your process this needs to be considered carefully. It is important to calculate your current costs in terms of production speeds, staffing costs, product defects, RSI claims, etc.

If, before investing in an automated packaging system, we do not have a clear picture of the current costs of packaging and the time we spend on it, we will not be able to determine how quickly the investment in the packaging system will pay for itself.

Better customer service

Since we remove the human factor from the packaging process with automated packaging systems, we also reduce the possibility of errors and thus damage to the packaged product. All of this leads to greater satisfaction of the end customer, who will return for the product and thereby bring new revenue to the company.

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